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backdrop n : scenery hung at back of stage [syn: background, backcloth]

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  1. A decorated cloth hung at the back of a stage.
  2. The setting or background of a historical event.
    The president spoke outside the brick exterior of the firehouse for Ladder Company 10 and Engine Company 10, against the backdrop of a 56-foot-long bronze bas-relief depicting the towers in flames. — New York Times


stage scenery

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act drop, arena, asbestos, asbestos board, back, background, batten, border, cloth, coulisse, counterweight, curtain, curtain board, cyclorama, decor, distance, drop, drop curtain, field, fire curtain, flat, flipper, ground, hanging, hinterland, locale, mise-en-scene, rag, rear, scene, scenery, screen, setting, side scene, stage, stage screw, stage set, stage setting, tab, tableau, teaser, theater, tormentor, transformation, transformation scene, wing, wingcut, woodcut
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